German Intensive Course in Berlin

Type C: German Intensive Special

Level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

In addition to Intensive Course Type A, the student receives one-on-one lessons with the emphasis being the choice of the student.

This course is recognized as Bildungsurlaub in Berlin and Brandenburg.

You can choose between various fields of interest such as Business (Business German), Culture, History, Berlin, Literature, or Theater. In each case the main focus is the discussion of these topics.

A well prepared teacher will follow a challenging course program with you, a program in which you will be able to effectively reach your language goals.

Number of German lessons

group: 20 lessons + 10 lessons of individual instruction per week



Monday to Friday


private tuition


9.00 to 12.15 a.m. or from *
2.30 to 05.45 p.m.


12.45 to 02.15 p.m.


private tuition


8 to 12 students maximum
only you and your trainer

Course fee

Type A  plus € 280 per week


Start of Courses

for beginners without any previous knowledge (Level A1):


01.   06.01.2020
02.   03.02.
03.   02.03.
04.   06.04.
05.   04.05.
06.   02.06.


07.   06.07.
08.   03.08.
09.   07.09.
10.   05.10.
11.   02.11.
12.   07.12.
Students with previous knowledge of German and advanced learners can begin their language courses on any Monday.

* If there is a particular course time you prefer, please feel free to inform us in the comments box at the bottom of the registration form. As space is limited, be advised that we might not be able to guarantee your request. We will, however, try our very best.

Registration fee: 10 Euros
One lesson-hour is made up of 45 minutes.
Prices do not include books and materials (~ 30 Euros/level).

as of: 14.12.19 All prices in EUR