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German Intensive Course Berlin

Type A: German Intensive Course

Level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

We offer twelve levels of German Intensive Course Type A simultaneously. In this way homogenous groups and speedier progress during the language course can be guaranteed.

Those students with previous knowledge of German should take a placement test. This test will ensure that you are placed in the appropriate level.

In small groups of an average size of eight participants (a maximum of 12 students), and the focus is on the four language skills (listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking). An optimal mix of language knowledge (vocabulary and structure) and practical skills (communicative skills) is stressed and an excess of passive vocabulary is avoided.

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Three German tests are given throughout the language course: At the end of Level B1: the basic exam (the European Certificate B1); at the end of Level B2: the Intermediate 1 Exam (European Certificate B2); and at the end of Level C1: the Intermediate 2 Exam (European Certificate C1).

Upon admission to an Intensive German Course Type A, it is possible for the participant to apply for a student visa.

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Number of German lessons

20 lessons per week


Monday to Friday
9.00 to 12.15 a.m. or from *
2.30 to 05.45 p.m.




8 to 12 students maximum

Length of course / Course fee

2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks


... Course fee for 10 to 50 weeks



10 weeks
15 weeks
20 weeks
25 weeks
30 weeks
40 weeks
50 weeks
additional week

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Start of German Courses

for beginners without any previous knowledge (Level A1):


02.   03.02.
03.   02.03.
04.   06.04.
05.   04.05.
06.   02.06.


07.   06.07.
08.   03.08.
09.   07.09.
10.   05.10.
11.   02.11.
12.   07.12.
Students with previous knowledge of German and advanced learners can begin their language courses on any Monday.

* If there is a particular course time you prefer, please feel free to inform us in the comments box at the bottom of the registration form. As space is limited, be advised that we might not be able to guarantee your request. We will, however, try our very best.

Registration fee: 10 Euros
One lesson-hour is made up of 45 minutes.
Prices do not include books and materials (~ 30 Euros/level).

as of: 14.12.19 All prices in EUR
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