Private Tuition - German Course in Berlin

Type D: Private Tuition

One-on-One German Course

Every person learns in his own way and Intensive Course Type D recognizes this.
In this German course you learn in a non-threatening atmosphere, you decide the scope, the contents, and the speed of the course yourself. This type of German course can be booked independantly or in combination with another course.

This type of German course is especially valuable as exam preparation, for filling in gaps in knowledge, as preparation for job interviews, or for focusing on special interests and individual language goals.

Start of Courses

according to your wishes


Number of lessons and
Course fee for general German

20 lessons
40 lessons
 650  (32.50 / lesson)
1200  (30 / lesson)


Specialized German and exam preparation

For specialized German and exam preparation, we will make you an individualized offer. Please contact us for more details.

Registration fee: 10 Euros
One lesson-hour is made up of 45 minutes.
Prices do not include books and materials (~ 30 Euros/level).

as of: 14.12.19 All prices in EUR