Englisch Einstufungstest - testen Sie Ihr Englisch

Placement Test - English

The English test is suitable for a sufficiently reliable placement into the levels A1 to C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for our English courses in Berlin.

We first ask you for some information so that we can evaluate the test and send you the result. Your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

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Please leave any questions you cannot answer blank. Please do not use any additional resources. The test contains 40 questions. From our experience, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete the test.

The Placement test starts here:

I. Grammar

1. You are at the airport. Someone asks you: "Excuse me, are you Walter Thompson?"
2. "________ are you from?"
3. "What's Colin and Mary's address?"
"__________ address is 15, Park Avenue, Leeds."
4. "___________ three good restaurants in our town."
5. "____________ the picture postcards?" "10 p each."

6. What's the time?

One of the following answers regarding questions after the time of day is wrong. Which one?

7. " _________ a tuna sandwich?"
"I'm sorry. _____________ tuna sandwiches but _____________ ham sandwiches."

One of the forms listed below does not match into the dialogue. Which one?
8. "What's he doing at the moment?"
"He __________________ TV."
9. "When _________________ breakfast in the morning?"
10. He __________ home from work at five o'clock every day.
11. Peter likes jazz, but he ___________ hip hop.
12. A Rolls-Royce is __________ a Mini.
13. "I'd like ________ more wine, please."
14. "Is there ____________ sugar on our shopping list?"
15. Last year I _______ to Spain.
16. "___________ David at the weekend?"

17. Read the following text and decide which answer is false.

Class reunion

Last Saturday we met again for the first time in twenty years. I don't know why, but when I arrived at the old pub I was very nervous. There was already a noisy, cheerful group there: "Hello"; "How are you?"; "What are you doing now?"; "Isn't that Chris Dodson, who brought a white mouse into music class once?"; "Look, there's Tom Beam, who..."; "Well, we're not as slim as we were twenty years ago..."; "Is that really your own hair?" I stopped and listened to these voices of the past. There was Anthony H., a most charming young man - charming that is when he was young. A great success with all the girls in town. After he left school he went to Australia, married a farmer's daughter, started a small business and went bankrupt twice. His wife left him and he came back to England. He now works as a bank clerk and seems to have a drink problem. He talked about his family back in Australia all evening.

18. "_______ a really famous person?" "No, I haven't."
19. "I feel really well. I ______________ a year now."

20. "I'm looking for a house _______ has got a larger garden than this one."

One of the following words is wrong. Which one?
21. Oxford is ___________ away from London than you think.

22. "Normally John is a very ____1____ driver, but yesterday when I went to town with him he didn't drive very ___2___, but ___3___ ___4___."

Which line shows the correct word order?
23. "Do you see those big houses over there? Well, they _______ pulled down to build the new motorway."
24. "Will I feel better soon, Doctor?"
"Well, you _______ smoke for a few weeks, but you ________ go to bed.
Just relax a bit and come and see me again in a week."
25. I ________ to Linda on the phone when the doorbell ________.
26. What ________ when the accident happened?
27. "What will our town look like in the year 2050?"
"Well, I don't know, but I think ________ fewer parks and trees."
28. "Who was that?"
"Oh, an old friend ______."
29. "How much milk is there?"
"There's ____ milk left, three or four bottles."
30. "I don't feel very well at the moment."
"You don't look well. If I ______ you, I'd go and see a doctor."
31. "When will we arrive in Paris?" "If we _____ now, we _______ there at 5 o'clock."
32. If I _____ less on Friday, I _____ such a bad hangover on Saturday morning.
33. This time my friends drank ______ beer than at our last party.
34. "I don't really like wine."
"Neither ______."
35. "You haven't left the keys at home, _______?"
36. "Do you paint your flat yourself or ___________?"
37. When Paul came back to his car, he found he _______ given a parking ticket.

Listening Comprehension

You will now listen to a short text and answer some questions about it. Please read the short introduction first and then listen to the audio file just once.

Casey has recently moved to San Francisco to start a new job. She wants to join a dating agency to find a boyfriend. Listen to the phone conversation with someone from the dating agency and answer the following questions.

39. What does Casey like to do in her spare time?
40. What kind of man is Casey looking for?
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