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Cultural Program

Exploring Everything that Berlin Has to Offer, Together!

Every month DIE NEUE SCHULE’s cultural program offers a variety of activities for our students to take part in. From “Stammtisch” (having regular drinks somewhere) in traditional or cozy area bars to museum visits or guided city and gallery tours, as well as all-day excursions to other renowned German cities, we always have something fun and educational to offer.

Those who take advantage of this program quickly get to know other language students from all over the world while getting familiar with the city’s famous sights and learning all the "insider tips" to help make their experience in Berlin even better.

Learning German in a classroom is one thing, but speaking it on the streets is another. Our cultural program facilitates a special chance for you to get to know the ins and outs of living in the German capital while taking advantage of the opportunity to use the German you are learning in the classroom. You will learn so many things that you did not previously know about Berlin while building the confidence you need to help you become a fluent speaker of German.

Once or twice a month we also offer a full day excursion to other cities, such as Hamburg, Dresden or Leipzig. Our participants are accompanied by a German teacher who is along to make sure each person has a fulfilling experience. Since we travel on a group train ticket, you will also save a ton of money on transportation, paying around €25 for your train ticket on each excursion.

All activities are accompanied by one of our teachers who has a deep knowledge of German history and culture, and all activities are free of charge for our students (with the exception of travel and entrance fees).


Our cultural program

Pergamon museum
Location: Meeting point in front of the office

The Pergamon Museum was built between 1910 and 1930 for the Pergamon Altar discovered by the archaeologist Carl Human. That is why the museum has the shape like the altar itself. Unfortunately, the Pergamon Altar is closed for restoration until at least 2025. BUT: The Ishtar Gate, Aleppo Room, Market Gate of Miletus, Islamic Shrines and many more are the great departments we will see. Anja will give historical information here as well.

field trip to Wittenberg
Location: Please register in advance at the office

Wittenberg on the Elbe is Luther's city. Almost 500 years ago, he made the small university town the intellectual center of Germany. Today, the sites of the great reformer are part of the Unesco World Cultural Heritage. We walk in Luther's footsteps through the historic old town around the market square, from the "1000-year-old" Luther oak to the castle church where Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door. A visit to the Luther House is also on the agenda. Luther translated the Bible from Greek into German. In doing so, he became the founder of the modern written German language. And in church, from then on, everyone could understand what the priest was saying.

place of information
Location: Meeting point in front of the office

The labyrinth of 2711 gray concrete stelae is intended to make visitors feel as lonely and frightened as the Jews felt in Nazi Germany. During our walk we check if the architect Peter Eisenman succeeded in this new idea of remembrance. Afterwards we go to the photo documentation in the place of information under the memorial.

art gallery
Location: Meeting point in front of the office

The Berlin Gemäldegalerie houses the most beautiful and humorous paintings of old European painters from the 13th to the 18th century. We learn many interesting things about the iconography in the "Dutch painting", compare the different representations of "Saint Sebastian" and the "Last Judgment".

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