Your German Intensive Course in Berlin

We continually offer a variety of intensive courses at 12 different language levels. This naturally creates a homogenous learning environment so that a higher degree of progress can be achieved throughout the course. You can choose between our regular Intensive Course and two other variants: the Intensive Course Plus and the Intensive Course Special. We offer all German intensive courses either online or in small groups here at our school.

In our Intensive Course, you will be placed in a small group consisting on average of eight - with a maximum of twelve - other students. The four basic language skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking will be the core focus of the intensive course, and the optimal combination of vocabulary enhancement and increased communicative skills will be an important priority. In the Intensive Course Plus, you will also receive German lessons two days a week - in addition to the intensive course - with a focus on conversation and listening comprehension. In these small afternoon conversation groups, consisting of 8 participants on average, you will talk about a wide range of interesting topics to give you the practice you need to help you enhance your speaking skills. This course is offered for learners at the A2 level and above.

The Intensive Course Special is a combination of group lessons and private lessons. In addition to the intensive course, you will receive individual lessons in German every day from 12:45PM to 2:15PM, focusing on the areas of language learning that you feel are important to you. This language course can be recognized as Bildungsurlaub (educational leave) in Berlin and Brandenburg. Upon being accepted into one of our German Intensive Courses, you can apply for a language learning visa.

Intensive Course (levels A1 to C2)

Number of Lessons

20 lessons per week

Course Times

Monday - Friday from 9:00AM to 12:15PM

Course Type

Group lessons with an average of 8 - maximum of 14 - participants

Course location

Either at our classrooms or online.

Start Times

Participants with previous knowledge can start any Monday. Our placement test ensures your spot in the right course that is consistent with your level.

Courses for beginners without previous knowledge start on the following dates:

Currently there are no events.


3 weeks €440
4 weeks €480
5 weeks €550

Every additional week €100

Course booking
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