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Online German course - Learn German online


Upon registering for our online German courses, you may choose the course type and level that suits you. We currently offer German intensive courses, German evening courses, and individual lessons.

These high quality classes will allow you to achieve your language goals quickly and, most importantly, safely.

We assure that our online German courses are taught competently by our teaching staff who also provides helpful counseling.

  • The online German courses are taught by our dedicated and qualified teachers who will make sure that you benefit from our reputable online courses. Furthermore, you will be advised by our friendly colleagues in the school's office by phone or email before and throughout your course.

Clear Structure and Fast Progress

  • All online German courses take place during our regular course hours. The intensive course consists of five mornings or afternoons a week, with evening courses taking place two evenings per week.

  • Online German courses consist of live video conferencing and written assignments. During the video conferences you actively use the vocabulary and content that you learn while preparing before each class. As we also work with our textbooks in our online courses, you can be assured that all required content is properly taught at each language level.

  • All courses are structured to help you achieve your language goals quickly and confidently.

Intelligent Use of Media

  • The textbooks we use integrate numerous digital features such as free audios, videos, learning apps for smartphones, or online exercises .

  • Online teaching also enables our teachers to use a wide range of digital tools such as Kahoot! , Padlet, Etherpad or Flipgrid to make online lessons more varied to allow you to adapt to each class's structured curriculum.

  • If desired, lesson sequences can also be recorded so that you can review everything several times at home and never miss a single lesson.

  • Our teachers will also provide you with tips on where you can find further digital material for self-study outside your German course.

We look forward to your registration for the

German intensive courses

German evening courses

German private lessons .

In order to participate in a German course , you need only the following requirements:

  • Laptop, tablet or computer

  • Internet access

  • Microphone and (ideally) a camera

You will also need your course's corresponding textbook, which you can order from our office and have mailed to your address in Germany free of charge.

In the online German courses, you will be connected via the Skype or Zoom programs, which are both free of charge to download. Once you have registered for the course, you will receive an invitation from your teacher before the first class begins.

To register for courses, please use our online registration form.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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