German Private Course in Berlin - Tailored To Your Needs

Your German Private Course in Berlin

Everyone learns differently and our individual lessons take this simple perception into account. The underlining advantage of learning privately is obvious: The course is individually tailored according to your needs and interests while also taking place according to your schedule.

Our experienced teachers are trained to cover a wide range of topics to meet your individual needs. Our one-on-one private lessons are popular for exam preparation, special interests, preparing for job interviews, or for achieving personal goals in language learning.

You can either book a private course or you can combine it with other language courses that we offer. If you wish, we will be happy to advise you on the recommended structure and scope before you register, depending on your content goals. Simply contact our office.

Number of Lessons

A minimum of 10 lessons must be booked

Prices for Lessons ONLINE

10 hours (60 minutes) €490
20 hours (60 minutes) €880

Prices for Lessons in PHYSICAL ATTENTION

10 hours (60 minutes) €590
20 hours (60 minutes) €1080

Course Times

The course times will be agreed upon with you.

Prices for Specific Language Lessons and Exam Preparation

Please use our enquiry form or visit us in the language school to find out how much our specific language lessons and exam prep cost.

Course location

Your private class may take place in our school or online.

For online classes, you need only the following requirements:

  • Laptop, tablet or computer
  • Internet access
  • Microphone and (ideally) a camera
  • Skype or Zoom program, which are both free of charge to download.

There is a one-time registration fee of €10.
One ‘lesson hour’ consists of 45 minutes.

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